Lu "Garltuk"

Daughter of Pelrin Garltuk and a Succubus


Arriving as no small surprise into the life of Pelrin Garltuk, Alu was born after a night of lust between Pelrin and a simple barmaid. After being compelled by the signature magic frequently employed by Succubi, Pelrin and company realized her true form. Less than a month after the encounter took place Lu found her father and explained she was conceived with the soul purpose of serving a demon lord. She rebelled against her set path and escaped to live her life as she saw fit (despite being only a few weeks old).

Lu is brusque in her dealings with others and seemingly socially inept but when it come to getting what she wants from someone her fiendish heritage surfaces. She has never bought a drink nor paid for a room; promiscuity and decadence have filled her short life.

Lu "Garltuk"

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