Wataxshyl (Watson)

Adult Copper Dragon Friend of Olfden


Neither menace nor folk hero, Wataxshyl ostensibly lives in a deep lair within the Wolfrun Hills. In truth, though, the lighthearted copper dragon spends most of his time in Olfden, frequenting the Silver Buletteand happily injecting dwarven gold into the town’s economy. Some say that Wataxshyl alone keeps the town alive, and that without him Olfden would go bankrupt and disappear. Others, including the mayor, deny this rumor, although they admit that Wataxshyl is good for the town’s treasury (even though he occasionally causes extensive property damage when drunk). Wataxshyl hates to be alone anddoes his best to surround himself with people, especially when drinking.

As far as dragons go, Wataxshyl is still in his youth. His first appearance in the area is a well-documented arrival during the werewolf siege of Olfden, in 4657. When the young dragon arrived and aided in the defense of the town, the mayor and other civic leaders thanked him and invited him to visit as often as he liked (an offer he obviously took to heart).

After assisting Noona Siff, during her ambush by bandits outside of Wataxshyl home, he seemed to take an interest in her and her companions; especially after learning of the bar they owned and the celebration “held in his honor”, by them. The success of the festival solidified his friendship with Noona, as well as her comrades, and Wataxshyl’s patronage at The Ugliest Unicorn.

While not common knowlage, and for good reason, Wataxshyl is


Wataxshyl (Watson)

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